The Grand Bazaar: One of the oldest markets in the world!

17 May 2021 Travel

The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul which is called Kapalı Çarşı is one of the biggest and oldest covered markets in the world. It has 61 covered streets and more than 4.000 shops and build on more than 30.000 square meters in the historic center of Istanbul.

The Grand Bazaar has approximately 350.000 visitors daily. Just for keeping in mind, it was nominated No.1 among the world's most-visited tourist attractions with more than 90 million visitors annually.

The Grand Bazaar at Istanbul is accepted as one of the first shopping malls of the world. Shops like this labyrinth are a unique Istanbul experience not to be missed, even if you are not a big fun of shopping.

While some parts of the bazaar are full of international visitors, it also offers an insightful look at "real" Istanbul. Actually, The Grand Bazaar is located in the Walled city of Istanbul, in the Fatih district and in the neighborhood of the same name Grand Bazaar.

It extends roughly from west to east between Beyazıt and Nuruosmaniye mosques. The Bazaar is easily accessible from Sultanahmet and Sirkeci by trams.

The bazaar, which was already a lively bazaar during the Byzantine period, grew even more in the Ottamans age.

It was anchored by traditional bedestens (commercial complexes of related shops and workshops),over time several trade shops were connected and the roof of a single market - the oldest shopping center in the world - was created. Although the Grand Bazaar has been exposed to many natural and unnatural disasters such as earthquakes and fires over the years, it is still standing today.

There have been several renovations in this historic market in recent years, some of which are still ongoing. Recently, many efforts have been made to improve the market's infrastructure as much as possible.

Modern shops, new millennium technology, up-to-date tourist facilities and advanced infrastructure give way to their old counterparts in almost every tourist destination globally, and Turkey and the Grand Bazaar are no exception.

The passage of time and the development of technology have changed the face of the Grand Bazaar, which is an inevitable subject.

Definitely, it is true that the Grand Bazaar did not have the old economic wealth and was replaced commercially by giant commercial skyscrapers.

It is still a traditional market and indispensable as part of Turkish folk history and civilization.

The Grand Bazaar is a place not to be missed if you want to get to know the history and culture of Turkey.

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