Turkey, The New Star of Fashion World!

22 April 2021 Fashion

Turkey where the two continents meet, has a bit of everything when it comes to fashion. Thanks to such a rich and cultural diversity, Turkey consists of wonderful cosmopolitan centers, agricultural villages, splendid Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea coasts which leads fashion in Turkey a very important place in fashion world. Actually, more than 75% of Turkish people live in urban areas which makes the country live a combine of western and traditional ways of life. You can find and enjoy almost every worldwide fashion brand among local ones in Turkey. So, fashion in Turkey is gradually getting a more brilliant position year by year.

Recent years, a new rival merges into fashion world among Milano, Paris and Moscow: and it is absolutely Istanbul! Istanbul has been one of the most active cities in fashion for the past decades and this is partly because of the city’s beauty and youth which reflects in a way the fashion scenes of Istanbul. As a matter of fact, the government invested a remarkable sum in the field of textiles and encouraged people to enter international markets all over the world to give a bright life to this sector and make their way easier so as to have a significant spot in fashion world. Today, Turkey is recognized one of the most important countries in the field of fashion and fashion exhibitions or meetings. That is why Fashion Week is taking place in Istanbul the biggest city of Turkey.

Just like other countries famous about fashion, Turkey is also full of luxury or mid-range famous brands, both local and international. Besides, Turkish designers who contributes to international fashion exhibitions, currently manage to make an excellent impression on fashion lovers all over the world. Rapidly, fashion in Turkey coming to a benchmark that attracts the respect and attention of the international fashion community