World Famous Turkish Carpets And Rugs Decorates Many Houses in The World

22 April 2021 Decoration

Anatolian rug is a term generally used to name rugs and carpets woven in Anatolia and close regions. In fact, and geographically the Anatolian rug is the production in most of the places which were historically dominated by the Ottoman Empire. It usually refers to the knotted, pile woven floor or wall covering produced for home use. Anatolian carpets, represents an important part of regional and ethnic cultures which is today officially known as Turkey Republic. Historically, Anatolia may be the oldest center of human civilization and root for religious and cultural pluralism. Anatolian and Turkish carpets are always made from only the most high-quality materials and used as a main item in decoration.

Turkish rugs are well-known for their quality in all over the world. Sometimes industrial but often made by handwoven, they represent the Turkish culture in an artistic form and meaning.

That’s why the themes and motifs on these rugs represent not only today but also the ancient times and civilizations, thus every rug can be accepted as a cultural item rather than an ordinary product. Hard to believe but each motif has meanings, and they haven’t been designed by coincidence. Anatolian carpets in Europe are often used in Renaissance paintings in the context of dignity, richness and luxury. Today many western tourists buy Turkish rugs and carpets for a gift to themselves or their beloved ones in a sense as an impressive complement to any home. When you go a house decorated with Turkish carpets and rugs you instantly notice the elegancy and the uniqueness.

Almost in every city of Turkey, you can easily find the most valuable Turkish carpets and rugs for every budget. Today, many world-famous interior designers use the power of Turkish carpets and rugs in their decorations.