Decoration Ideas For Bathrooms

03 August 2021 Decoration

Adopting a theme for your bathroom is the number one way to make your bathroom look and feel like a cohesive and brilliant space. If beachy is your style, try a palette of blues, greens and sandy neutrals and choose nautical or nautical-inspired items like the drawstring towel rack and nautical mirror in the bathroom decor idea. If you love glamor in your life, just put shiny metallic accents around jewel tones. To take on the farmhouse trend, build nature-inspired elements and whimsical accents on an off-white background.

Choosing the right wallpaper can help you modernize your space in a unique way. If you're sticking with a more modern theme, consider a colored wallpaper or wallpaper with geometric patterns. Floral wallpaper flows beautifully in farmhouse bathrooms, while striped wallpaper is a classic choice for beachfront bathrooms. If you're worried that bold wallpaper will overwhelm your space, install it almost halfway up your wall, like paneling.

Real or artificial plants can transform even the simplest bathroom from basic to beautiful. Plants—including floor pots or hanging pots can instantly freshen up a space. Besides plants pair perfectly with almost any bathroom decor idea, so they're a great choice if you're having trouble filling the space. Vertical space is one of the most valuable in a bathroom, especially in a small bathroom. Instead of filling up your space by installing heavy cabinets or linen closets, consider furnishing your space with narrow linen storage units or slanted bookcases. These sleek, stylish units can hold all your bathroom essentials without overwhelming your space.

When used with care, vibrant colors can make a big impact on the overall look of your bathroom. Instead of painting an entire wall or tiling an entire floor in bright colors, consider painting part of a wall or using a tile pattern with one or two uneven colors. Tie the room together by placing splashes of your chosen color or colors in different parts of the room.

For example, you can try accentuating your bathroom with bright towels and wall art while leaving the rest of the room neutral.

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